Call for Papers: 2nd USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies

2nd USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies & Systems (USITS '99)
     October 11-14, 1999, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Co-sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Task Force on Internetworking

     USITS brings together engineers and researchers interested in
     developing innovative Internet applications and technology.
     Emphasis is on innovative research and quantified experience
     in Internet applications, technologies, and systems.

    Extended abstracts due:  April 15, 1999

    We seek papers on the design, implementation, and application
     of Internet technologies. Besides mature work, we encourage
     submissions describing exceptionally promising prototypes, or
     enlightening negative results. Case studies and experience
     papers are particularly of interest.  The  symposium, with one
     day of tutorials, followed by 2.5 days of refereed paper
     presentations, invited talks, works-in-progress presentations,
     demos, panel discussions, and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions.

Program Chair:  Fred Douglis, AT&T Labs - Research
USENIX is the Advanced Computing Systems Association.  Our international
membership includes engineers, system administrators, scientists, and
technicians.  Our conferences are recognized for delivering pragmatic,
technically excellent information in a highly interactive, vendor-neutral

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