>> Whenever a www client requests the server a html file, and the server
responds b
>>  y sending a redirect message most www clients like Netscape,
Internet Explorer,
>> Opera fetch the redirected html file.

>> Does this redirection take place even for embedded objects like
images? i.e. wil
>> l the client go and fetch redirected objects like images? Is there
any WWW recom
>> mendation for this?

>> Please help!!

>> Thanks in Advance,

>> Regards,
>> William Vagabond

Yes, you can redirect to an images.  In fact, you can use an image
tag to run a script (ASP, CGI, ColdFusion, TCL etc) that does some
processing on the
server and then redirect to an image.

Often you use a clear pixel as
the image and use this trick to do processing as a separate request.
is especially helpful when you want to send information to another
but do not want to send the user to the other server and back.

As your script can leave its mark be setting a cookie,
user tracking across sights/domains can be done this way as well.

Tracy Adams

Received on Thursday, 15 October 1998 14:48:07 UTC