Net Industry and Election 98 online public service campaign

As the Internet industry matures, it has an exciting opportunity 
to demonstrate its broader involvement in the community through 
creative public service efforts.  A new Internet-style online public 
service campaign called Web White & Blue is promoting the use of the 
Internet for access to election information and citizen interaction 
in the 1998 U.S. elections (it may be a useful model for other 
countries as well).  Your ISP, company, or organization is invited to 
join other Internet industry leaders in this important effort.


Steven Clift
Web White & Blue Project Coordinator

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Web White & Blue    
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Project Announcement               Sign up your web site!


     1. Announcing Web White & Blue - Join today!
     2. Future announcements via e-mail
     3. Spread the word - Make a difference this election

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*>  1. Announcing Web White & Blue - Join today!

Web White & Blue (WWB) is the online public service campaign for
easy access to 1998 election information.

Sign-up your web site today and join over 100 sites from across the
United States in this public service effort. From the largest
commercial online sites and non-profit election information sites to
individual sites, Americans are linking up to promote the tremendous
power of the Internet as a tool for building an active, participatory

On October 7, Web White & Blue Day will call attention to the 
thousands of web efforts providing important access to the 
election-related information and interaction.  Do your part by 
displaying the WWB icon on your site without delay.

Visit the WWB web site now, sign up as a Participating Site, and
place the WWB icon on your site:

Please add the WWB icon to your site before the full citizen-oriented
WWB site with content links to select election directories opens in
early October. Consider using the optional banner ads that are
available as well.

WWB is a non-profit, non-partisan Internet-wide public service effort
coordinated by the Markle Foundation and Harvard's Shorenstein Center
on the Press, Politics and Public Policy. An exciting list of Charter
Participating Sites, including more than 40 of the top commercial and
non-profit sites, is available
<> along with extensive
project details on the WWB web site.  Special thanks go to America
Online for its donation of web hosting services.

*>  2. Future announcements via e-mail

To receive weekly project announcements and updates, please join
our one-way e-mail announcement list.

Send a message to:

Leave the subject line blank.  In the message body write:

     subscribe wwb-announce Your Name Here

*>  3. Spread the word

This unique Internet-style public service effort needs your help. It
will only be successful if we all roll up our sleeves and add the WWB
icon to our sites, encourage other sites to join, and help spread the
word across the United States.

Please forward this message appropriately to those you think should
join the WWB public service effort.  Pass it through your company or
organization to a decision-maker for quick permission to add the WWB
icon today.  If you would like to help us spread the word to a
specific community or audience, drop us an e-mail at:

Thank you.  And together, we will paint the Internet Web, White and

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Web White & Blue    
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