First nearly complete version of TAG F2F agenda

I have prepared a draft of the TAG F2F agenda at [1,2], and also provided 
it in text-only form below. Note that time slots have yet to be assigned, 
but we will as usual assemble between 8 and 9 to start real work at 9.

Also: I expect that the first two technical sessions in the morning will be 
the ones with Mark Nottingham, who has kindly agreed to join us as long as 
he can be done by noon.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Thank you.




    [1]W3C | [2]TAG


              W3C TAG meeting 7-9 October 2012 in London, UK


    Nearby: [3]work plan - [4]issues list - [5]findings -
    [6]www-tag archive - [7]tag archive - Actions: ([8]open,
    [9]pending review) [10]logistics


    Online table of: [11]scribing assignments


Agenda Summary

    Time slots will be assigned later.


           BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
           First Floor, The Davidson Building
           5 Southampton Street London WC2E 7HA
           Tel: +44 (0) 1793 417 666 | Fax: +44 (0) 1793 417 669

    We are scheduled to meet in the Wilkes Room all three days.

    See [12]logistics for further details.


Required Reading

      * [13]Best Practices for Fragment Identifiers and Media Type
        Definitions W3C Editor's Draft 23 September 2012
      * [14]Updated Product Page on Fragment Identifier Work
      * [15]RFC 3023bis regarding fragment ID semantics for +xml
        media types
      * First Public Working Draft [16]Publishing and Linking on
        the Web: W3C Working Draft 18 September 2012
      * [17]background statement from JAR and HT (28 September
        2012) ([18]snapshot)
      * [19]31 March 2012 telcon discussion of Offline Web
      * [20]Web Architcture Objectives Matrix


Agenda Details

     1. Convene, review agenda
           + Scribes: TAG members are encouraged to sign up for
             scribing by using CVS to edit [21]scribing assignments
             table, or by emailing the chair
           + Roll call
                o Regrets: Robin Berjon, Jonathan Rees
                o Jonathan can attend by phone starting around 1:00
                  London time (8:00 US Eastern).
           + Approve minutes of teleconferences:
                o [22]20 September 2012
                o [23]27 September 2012
           + F2F Main Goals:
                o Go to last call on Fragment Identifiers
                o Review comments on Publishing and Linking FPWD
                o Set direction for documenting URI meaning (&
                o Meet w/Mark Nottingham to discuss HTTP 2.0 & URI
                  scheme proliferation
     2. Review TAG Priorities for 2012 - 2013
           + Goals:
                o Remind ourselves of priorities and commitments
                  from [24]TAG product pages
                o The Sunday session is primarily a quick level-set
                  at the start of the F2F — updates and debates
                  about the priorities will happen as we go along
                  and in a session on Tuesdeay.
     3. Administration:
           + Future TAG F2F meetings
                o Choose location/dates for winter meeting
                o Start thinking about location/dates for spring
                o TPAC (next item)
           + TPAC Planning
                o Note AB interest in meeting with TAG
                o Larry Masinter suggests we think about Publishing
                  and Linking for TPAC
                o NOTE: Larry, Peter and Ashok will attend TPAC,
                  Henry is hoping to. Noah has a conflict and so
                  will not.
           + Group photo
           + Upcoming TAG election and open seat: four TAG seats
             will be filled in the upcoming election. Should the
             TAG do anything to facilitate a successful election
             (noting the unusually large number of open positions,
             and thus the likely large impact on the TAG.)
     4. HTTP 2.0:
           + [25]IETF HTTP Bis Working Group chair [26]Mark
             Nottingham will join us for this session
           + Goal:
                o Get update from Mark Nottingham on HTTP 2.0
                o Decide whether TAG action is needed on HTTP
           + Background:
                o [27]January 2012 F2F discussion with Mark
                o [28]ACTION-682: on - Jonathan Rees - When HTTPbis
                  group says time is right, suggest to TAG sections
                  of HTTPbis specification that TAG should review -
                  Due: 2012-10-06 - OPEN
                o [29]ACTION-733: on - Larry Masinter - prepare for
                  30 minute report on HTTP 2.0/SPDY at October 2012
                  F2F - Due: 2012-09-28 - OPEN
                o Earlier background:
                     # Thread starting with e-mail from Yves Lafon:
                       [30]Discussion points on HTTP "evolutions"
                       [ACTION-618] — also related thread starting
                       with [31]response from Larry Masinter
                     # [32]ACTION-618: on - Yves Lafon - With help
                       from Larry, Noah, and Jeni to prepare
                       analysis on development around HTTP, like
                       spdy, ssl use, websocket... - Due:
                       2011-12-06 - CLOSED
                     # [33]ACTION-626: on - Noah Mendelsohn -
                       Schedule discussion of how, if at all, TAG
                       should continue to be involved with SPDY -
                       Due: 2011-11-15 - CLOSED
                     # [34]TPAC 2011 Discussion of SPDY
                     # [35]Jeni Tennison's email on SPDY and
                       related thread ([36]here and [37]here too)
                     # June 2011 F2F [38]session with Jim Gettys on
                       [39]buffer bloat
     5. URI scheme proliferation:
           + Mark Nottingham will join us for this session
           + Goal:
                o Consider need for TAG focus on URI scheme
           + Background:
                o E-mail from Henry Thompson [40]FYI: Suffixed
                  media type registrations about to go forward
                o [41]ACTION-724: on - Henry Thompson - investigate
                  possible TAG efforts on URI scheme proliferation
                  and extension points - Due: 2012-10-05 - OPEN
     6. Fragment identifier semantics:
           + Product page: [42]TAG Product: Fragment Identifiers
             and Mime Types
           + TAG members assigned (as listed in product page): Jeni
             Tennison, Larry Masinter (offered to help on 3 May
             2012), Henry Thompson, Yves Lafon (replacing Jonathan
             Rees as agreed at June 2011 F2F), Peter Linss (offered
             to help on 4 August 2011)
           + Goals:
                o Agree to publish last call working draft of
                  [43]Best Practices for Fragment Identifiers and
                  Media Type Definitions
                o Agree input to [44]RFC 3023bis regarding fragment
                  ID semantics for +xml media types (We may do this
                  as a separate session if necessary)
           + Background:
                o TAG Recommendation on Fragment IDS:
                     # [45]Best Practices for Fragment Identifiers
                       and Media Type Definitions W3C Editor's
                       Draft 23 September 2012 (required reading)
                     # [46]Updated Product Page (required reading)
                o RFC 3023bis and Fragment ID Semantics
                     # [47]ACTION-689: on - Henry Thompson - work
                       with Noah to draft a further request to the
                       3023bis editor from the TAG to include
                       advice regarding what a particular +xml
                       media type registration should do wrt fragid
                       semantics along the lines in the discussion
                       on media types and fragment identifiers at
                       the f2f on 2012-04-04 - Due: 2012-10-01 -
                     # [48]RFC 3023bis regarding fragment ID
                       semantics for +xml media types (required
     7. Issue list for Jeff Jaffe:
           + Goal:
                o Start building list of issues to highlight for
                  Jeff Jaffe
           + Background:
                o [49]ACTION-563: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Arrange
                  for periodic TAG key issues reports to Jeff per
                  June 2011 F2F - Due: 2012-11-01 - OPEN
     8. Publishing and linking on the Web:
           + TAG members assigned: Larry Masinter, Ashok Malhotra
           + Goals:
                o Review comments on First Public Working Draft
                  [50]Publishing and Linking on the Web: W3C
                  Working Draft 18 September 2012
                o Update [51]product page to reflect current plans,
                  goals and success criteria
           + See also agenda item on [52]governance
           + Background:
                o First Public Working Draft [53]Publishing and
                  Linking on the Web: W3C Working Draft 18
                  September 2012 (required reading)
                o [54]ACTION-732: on - Larry Masinter - prepare
                  FPWD on Publishing and Linking - Due: 2012-09-05
                  - CLOSED
                o [55]ACTION-737: on - Yves Lafon - On Tuesday 4
                  Sept, if no objections, publish FPWD on
                  Publishing and Linking - Due: 2012-09-06 - CLOSED
                o [56]ACTION-667: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Check,
                  when publishing and linking wraps, whether it's
                  time to reinvest in
                  stries.html - Due: 2012-07-15 - OPEN
     9. Architecture of the World Wide Semantic Web (AWWSW):
           + Jonathan Rees requests 30 mins: review final report
             drafts and either accept them, or request additional
             work (of Jonathan; the task group has disbanded).
           + [57]ACTION-201: on - Jonathan Rees - Report on status
             of AWWSW discussions - Due: 2012-10-02 - OPEN
    10. Governance Framework:
           + Larry Masinter requests brief consideration of
             [58]Governance and Web Architecture W3C Editor's Draft
             22 September 201
    11. Documenting meaning of individual IRIs (ISSUE-57):
           + Product page: [59]TAG Product: URI Documentation
           + TAG members assigned: Henry Thompson with help from
             Jonathan Rees & Jeni Tennison
           + Goals:
                o Decide how to discharge our obligation to the
                  community regarding what we did with the
                  proposals that they provided us back in the
                o Review new [60]background statement from JAR and
                  HT (28 September 2012) ([61]snapshot)
                o Review "URI Usage Primer" (forthcoming)
                o Review "Proposal 27" (forthcoming)
           + Background:
                o [62]ACTION-704: on - Jonathan Rees - with help
                  from Jeni and Henry to try to identify next steps
                  for moving forward on httpRange-14 - Due:
                  2012-09-17 - OPEN
                o Jeni Tennision says she may prepare a primer
                o Proposal "27" (to be supplied)
                o [64]background statement from JAR and HT (28
                  September 2012) ([65]snapshot) (required reading)
    12. Offline applications:
           + TAG member assigned: Ashok Malhotra
           + Goal:
                o Decide whether to launch initiative on offline
                  Web applications
                o If so, prepare product page with goals, success
                  criteria and dates.
                o Clarify relationship to [66]ACTION-717: on -
                  Ashok Malhotra - Propose outline for possible TAG
                  document (finding or rec) on architectural issues
                  relating to storage sync, linked data, etc. Due
                  2012-07-15 - Due: 2012-10-10 - OPEN
           + Background:
                o [67]ACTION-529: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Schedule
                  telcon discussion of a potential TAG product
                  relating to offline applications and packaged Web
                  - Due: 2011-02-17 - CLOSED
                o [68]31 March 2012 telcon discussion of Offline
                  Web Applications (required reading)
                o [69]ACTION-717: on - Ashok Malhotra - Propose
                  outline for possible TAG document (finding or
                  rec) on architectural issues relating to storage
                  sync, linked data, etc. Due 2012-07-15 - Due:
                  2012-10-10 - OPEN
    13. Privacy (need to draft agenda item -- note Robin Berjon was
        responsible for work in this area
    14. TAG effectiveness:
           + TAG member assigned: Noah Mendelsohn
           + Goals
                o Consider followup to [70]June Discussion of TAG
                  Effectiveness ([71]part 1 and [72]part 2)
                o Review [73]Wed Architecture Objectives Matrix
           + Background:
                o [74]Objectives matrix (required reading)
                o [75]ACTION-726: on - Jonathan Rees - Make a list
                  of questions to which webarch and the findings
                  suggest answers, as input to possible 'study
                  design' and/or communication to chairs etc. -
                  Due: 2012-09-17 - CLOSED
                o Larry Masinter has suggested using the matrix for
                  "outward facing purposes"
                o [76]ACTION-725 on JT - progress ?
                o Maybe: 10 minutes to talk about TAG issues list
                  (this was JAR's discussion-closing suggestion at
                  an earlier F2F, see [77]ACTION-692: on - Noah
                  Mendelsohn - consider JAR's april request to
                  discuss, for 10 mins, issues list at oct f2f -
                  Due: 2012-09-10 - OPEN, perhaps mooted by
                  objectives matrix)
                o [78]ACTION-709: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Talk to
                  Jeff & W3M about TAG futures - Due: 2012-06-06 -
    15. TAG Election Procedures
           + Goals:
                o Understand concerns that have been raised about
                  TAG election procedures (followup to
                  [79]discussion on 26 April 2012 teleconference)
                o Decide what role, if any, it's appropriate for
                  the TAG to play in addressing such concerns
                o If based on the above considerations it's
                  appropriate for the TAG to get involved,
                  investigate the merits of the concerns raised,
                  and decide on next steps
           + Background:
                o Robin Berjon has made [80]proposals for
                  "reforming" the TAG election process
                o [81]Discussion on 26 April 2012 teleconference
                o [82]ACTION-701: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Follow up
                  with Robin on election reform - Due: 2012-08-01 -
                o [83]ACTION-702: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Follow up
                  with Robin on election reform proposals - Due:
                  2012-05-03 - CLOSED
                o The chair (Noah) has [84]commented "...changes to
                  the W3C process are formally the responsibility
                  of the AB, W3C management and the AC. Normally,
                  we don't discuss process issues on the TAG,
                  except when they affect our ability to do our
                  technical work [...] Obviously, changing the
                  processes relating to the TAG itself is a special
                  case, and I'm fine with scheduling some informal
                  brainstorming". Larry [85]raises a similar
                  concern. The chair then [86]wrote: "we will have
                  a brief discussion of this on Thursday, and we
                  will do it with the understanding that any formal
                  work on changing the process is coordinated by
                  the AB/Team/AC."
                o See also extensive e-mail thread(s) with subject
                  [87]TAG productivity, elections, and httpRange-14
                  (but note that for discussion on 25 April, the
                  chair intends to limit the scope to election
                  reform, and not to broader questions of TAG
                  findings, TAG effectiveness, etc.)
    16. Action item review:
           + [88]Pending review actions in [89]Tracker
           + [90]Overdue actions in [91]Tracker
           + [92]Open actions in [93]Tracker
    17. Open issue review:
           + This is an optional agenda item: we'll do it if
             there's time
           + Goal: review our list of [94]open issues — look
             especially for issues that are open but dormant decide
             to assign resource/close/leave as background activity.
    18. Outplan:
           + The following are potentially worth discussing, but
             are not formally scheduled on the agenda:
                o [95]ACTION-669: on - Henry Thompson - Review
                  ctice and see whether TAG needs to do more on
                  references to evolving specs Due: 2012-08-01 -
                  Due: 2013-01-01 - OPEN
                o polyglot (HT)
                o HTML extension registry (JT)
                o privacy (NM?)
                o scalability (PL)
                o vendor prefixes (PL)
                o ISSUE-50 if progress has been made (JAR, HT)
                     # [96]ACTION-478: on - Jonathan Rees - Prepare
                       a second draft of a finding on persistence
                       of references, to be based on decision tree
                       from Oct. 2010 F2F - Due: 2012-10-06 - OPEN
                     # [97]ACTION-666: on - Henry Thompson - Update
                       nce-2012-01-23.html to reflect agreement on
                       26 January telcon regarding settling at F2F
                       - Due: 2012-09-01 - CLOSED (someone
                       commented: Have been making progress in
                       background on what to do with this, based on
                       input from HT and LM, but not sure I'll have
                       anything to discuss.)


     Noah Mendelsohn for the TAG
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