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Help SVG Tiny Jarbas Nunes Vidal (Friday, 28 August)

Radial gradients in SVG Full Dr. Olaf Hoffmann (Thursday, 27 August)

Radial gradients in SVG Full Klaus Förster (Thursday, 27 August)

Minutes, 26 August 2009 SVG WG telcon Anthony Grasso (Wednesday, 26 August)

Fw: Agenda, 26 August 2009 SVG WG telcon Cameron McCormack (Tuesday, 25 August)

full-pservers-grad-18-b.html is invalid Jonathan Watt (Tuesday, 25 August)

Substitute for onload event in XSLT-generated graphics Rüdiger Plantiko (Tuesday, 25 August)

IANA MIME type registration for SVG (again) Helder Magalhães (Monday, 24 August)

Re: ISSUE-37 - html-svg-mathml - suggest closing on 2009-08-20 Cameron McCormack (Thursday, 20 August)

Agenda, 19 August 2009 SVG WG telcon Erik Dahlström (Tuesday, 18 August)

A plan to enable Forms? ~:'' ありがとうございました (Friday, 14 August)

SVG1.1 xlink: can xlink only be used with anchor element? ~:'' ありがとうございました (Thursday, 13 August)

test case for getComputedTextLength() and getBBox.width Eric Elder (Thursday, 13 August)

Minutes, 12 August 2009 SVG telcon Chris Lilley (Wednesday, 12 August)

Platform evolution and attributeType="auto" Robert O'Callahan (Monday, 10 August)

[Bug 7244] New: [SRGB] Links in SVG Specification point to changed resource bugzilla@wiggum.w3.org (Saturday, 8 August)

Setting animVal.value? Brian Birtles (Friday, 7 August)

Fwd: State of Implementation and Use of SVG DOM Features (was: Agenda, 5 August 2009 SVG WG telcon) Jeff Schiller (Thursday, 6 August)

Re: Error report for SVG 1.1 Appendix N, regarding "Animatable" field for 'baseline-shift', 'font-size-adjust', and 'stroke-dasharray' Cameron McCormack (Thursday, 6 August)

foreignObject and viewBox and XHTML Jason Dusek (Tuesday, 4 August)

Agenda, 5 August 2009 SVG WG telcon Cameron McCormack (Tuesday, 4 August)

Re: Inheritance during SVG Animation of CSS properties -- should "base value" incorporate ancestors' animation effects? Daniel Holbert (Tuesday, 4 August)

jsLint SVG Tidy ~:'' ありがとうございました (Monday, 3 August)

External References for <use> (was: Webkit Bug: <use> Please VOTE, comment or even patch.) Doug Schepers (Sunday, 2 August)

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