Re: [CSSWG] [css-cascade] CSS Cascading and Inheritance: Updated L3 CR, FPWD L4

> On 20 Jun 2015, at 22:03, Marat Tanalin <> wrote:
> 20.06.2015, 22:40, "Brad Kemper" <>:
>> Besides, we should not be breaking the web because we think our design ideas are better than someone else's.
> Some statistical data would probably be helpful. Are you aware of such investigations about `cursor:default` usage?

I don't have statistical data, but considering that cursor:default has been available since the days of IE4 / Netscape 6, I think it is fair to say that authors have had ample time to depend on it.

The global 'default' keyword has not yet shipped anywhere, changing it is therefore harmless.

Breaking backward compatibility is not something we should do lightly. We sometimes have to, but wishing we had kept that name available isn't nearly strong enough a reason.

 - Florian

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