Re: [CSSWG] [css-cascade] CSS Cascading and Inheritance: Updated L3 CR, FPWD L4

20.06.2015, 22:40, "Brad Kemper" <>:
> Besides, we should not be breaking the web because we think our design ideas are better than someone else's.

Some statistical data would probably be helpful. Are you aware of such investigations about `cursor:default` usage?

>> šWould it be really unacceptable if elements had their original cursors instead of OS-level default one?
> I'd say yes. By your reasoning, we shouldn't even have an author-alterable cursor property.

That looks like a sophism. If it's probably relatively safe to have user-agent default cursor instead of OS-level default one (if a link is unclickable, it's unclickable regardless of cursor; cursor is just an extra visual indicator not affecting functionality), this does not mean that we should never alter user-agent default cursor to something more appropriate like `move` or `resize` in a specific case. It's absolutely not a matter of to have the `cursor` property or not to, it's just a matter of how serious is a possible impact of changing meaning of exactly `cursor: default` declaration.

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