[css-cascade] bikeshedding "default"

> WE NEED YOUR HELP to get to CR, Cascading L4 has one major open issue:
> the keyword name 'default' conflicts with a value of the 'cursor' property
>    http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/ui.html#cursor-props
> So we need a new keyword. Opinions and suggestions welcome. Prior
> discussion at https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-
> style/2015Apr/0329.html (But please read the spec and do your own
> brainstorming before reading all our bad suggestions.)
> For the CSS WG,
> ~fantasai

I just would like to remind the working group of this brainstorming which already happened on Twitter:

Suggestions there included (in the order in which they were proposed):

- "parent-default"
- "origin-default"
- "get-me-back-to-where-I-was-before-I-messed-with-it"
- "native"
- "cascade-default"

I also proposed to just unify this with "initial" and allow to specify where you want to backtrack:
- "initial(of-previous-origins)"
- "initial(of-useragent)"
- "initial(of-property)"
   ^ the last one is the default when you just write "initial" without arguments

Other ideas I've just now:

- "cascade-to-next-origin"
- "as-in-next-origin"
- "rollback-origin"
- "undefined" (if the value of a property is undefined in an origin, we use the value of the previous origin)
   ^ then we can just say that the initial value of a property in any level is "undefined" except the ua level where it has some value

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Received on Saturday, 20 June 2015 20:34:29 UTC