Re: Behavior of device-pixel-ratio under zoom

On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 11:47 AM, Tab Atkins Jr. <>wrote:

> Like others, I feel strongly that *that* kind of zoom should affect
> dPR and d-p-r.  (Perhaps we should call it "rescale", to separate it
> from the related-only-thematically "zoom" operation that mobile
> devices do?)
> I suspect that Simon's statements are about "zoom", not "rescale", and
> that he (and Apple in general) are fine with rescaling affecting dPR.
> In any case, it appears that FF and IE both change dPR when you
> "rescale", so that's the behavior we should go with.

Great. Can you check that Chrome does the right thing? We don't want compat
problems to arise here, and we've already seen some pages that are making
some questionable assumptions.

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