Re: list/table of CSS Level 3 properties and values?

On Tue, Apr 01, 2008, Rijk van Geijtenbeek wrote:
> There happened to have been a thread here recently on the subject. 

Indeed, somebody just pointed me to the thread. Apologies for starting a
new one, it is somewhat ironic I did not have the reflex to use the mail
search :)...

> There  
> is no such list with properties *and* values, but lists of just the CSS  
> 2.1/CSS 3 properties (linked to the specs) can be found here:
>   <> by Jens Meiert
>   <> by me

Thanks! I started looking into these, and I think they hold tremendous
value. I know that Dave Hammond also has a very useful table over at
I think, however, that adding values (as done by Bjoern in his schema
work [1] and as Jens said he'd look into [2]) would be great too, and
what would really be important, I think, would be to make this
automatically drawn from the specs. Bert seemed to hint at that
possibility in [3], so I think I will follow-up in that original thread.


Many thanks for the pointers.

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