Re: [css] List of all CSS properties

Jens Meiert wrote:
> FYI, I just compiled an index of all CSS properties, including CSS 3:


Is this done by hand? I have a similar list for internal use that is 
automatically generated. (It looks for class=propdef in all 
specifications that are linked from

> The list will be updated regularly in order to address especially the
> development of CSS 3. Eventually, descriptors will be added later,
> depending on feedback. I added some additional notes and a few
> numbers in the index “announcement” [1].
> Please note that probably unsurprisingly, there are quite a few
> issues with CSS 3 Modules, from inconsistencies to typos to probable
> mistakes with values. However, I'd currently only send in error
> reports when explicitly requested, since even spelling mistakes
> pointed out to W3C groups seem rather not to be fixed at all (I
> talked about that with Karl Dubost once but it seems to stay a
> constant QA issue).

That surprises me. I can't talk for "W3C groups" in general, but I 
thought the CSS group kept track of issues rather well...

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