Re: RE: [css] List of all CSS properties

> >
> 1. instead of linking from the property name, link from the check
> mark to the relevant spec

Right, I thought about that as well but decided against it because I suspected it to be not clear enough (people not necessarily clicking the icons) and also not too critical, as the most recent spec descriptions already provide necessary detail.

However, I see the point and will think about ways to improve the index accordingly, thanks!

> 2. add a column to list possible values/value types

You mean not just the initial but also all allowed values? This would certainly be nice, too … allow me a few weeks to get a realistic impression of necessary maintenance efforts, and I'd add these as well.

> I think it would be helpful for designers if we linked to this on a
> prominent and permanent basis (ie. perhaps from the right hand column)
> at (and maybe other locations too).  I
> suspect this would also benefit people working on CSS for property
> lookup.

I certainly wouldn't object, thank you!


Jens Meiert

Received on Friday, 28 March 2008 12:38:59 UTC