Re: list/table of CSS Level 3 properties and values?

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> We are almost through an active period of development for the CSS  
> validator, fixing a lot of bugs in the grammar and making a few drastic  
> performance improvements (both courtesy of Yves). We are now making sure  
> that all these new changes pass our test suite and that there is no  
> regression.
> In the meantime, we have noticed that a lot of the CSS Level 3  
> definitions in the CSS validator are probably be out of date. We could  
> use help in this area.
> Is there a one-stop list or table of all the CSS3 properties and values?  
> It doesn't have to be at w3c, although one maintained by the CSS WG  
> would have more chance of being accurate and up to date. I haven't seen  
> any around but I hope it may be  
> possible to generate one from the same source files used to generate the  
> specs.
> That would certainly be useful for validator development, and, I think,  
> extremely valuable for web developers too.
> Any pointer would be much appreciated.

There happened to have been a thread here recently on the subject. There  
is no such list with properties *and* values, but lists of just the CSS  
2.1/CSS 3 properties (linked to the specs) can be found here:

   <> by Jens Meiert
   <> by me

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