Re: [css] List of all CSS properties

Hi Jens, all,

Jens, a few days ago you wrote, on the topic of the list of all CSS
(Ref: )

> You mean not just the initial but also all allowed values? This would
> certainly be nice, too … allow me a few weeks to get a realistic
> impression of necessary maintenance efforts, and I'd add these as well.

Count us (CSS validator developers) as very interested by such a

As you said, however:
> Yes, it all boils down to continuous maintenance anyway ;)

Would it be worth investing some time into automating, to some extent,
the generation of that list from the current crop of CSS specifications?
This would ensure that the list stay up to date as CSS3 modules get
updated, as new modules get added, etc.

Bert mentioned what looked like a simple technique in

Bert, you said that the list you generate is for internal use, but would
there be any obstacle to either opening that list for public consumption
(with whatever disclaimer is applicable) or providing the scripts for
others to use? This could help people like Jens, Rijk, Jason, and Björn
keep their lists up to date.


Received on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 16:47:20 UTC