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> Hi,
> This is a QA Review comment for "CSS3 Advanced Layout Module"
> 2005-12-15
> 1st WD
> About
> An example is given with a markup proposal which never made it
> through. We think it would be easier for people to test with
> something which would be a valid construct in browsers now. It would
> even encourage  good practices for marking up figure if done with a
> valid markup. Change the example, please.

The example is actually wrong. At least, I think the Generated Content 
module will not allow this. It's there as a reminder that I would like 
to have an example of handling the caption element in XHTML2. However, 
it doesn't use XHTML2, because XHTML2 isn't stable yet.

I will make an example with current HTML and postpone the question of 
how to handle XHTML2.

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