Re: [[css3-layout]] Examples in 3. Template-based positioning

Philip TAYLOR wrote:
> Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>> Generated content (the "Example" part) is supported in Safari 1.0, and 
>> any Opera and Gecko version that you'd sanely consider using.
> Oh, worrying : Mozilla 1.7.13 is the most recent version of the Mozilla
> Suite :

Your original mail said:

   Mozilla 1.7.13 shews just "Example" (no " I")

which makes sense, because generated content _is_ supported in Gecko 1.7 (as I 
said).  In fact, it's been supported as of at least Gecko 1.0.  I stand by my 
statement, since using pre-1.0 Geckos for anything at this time would be 
somewhat insane.


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