Re: [[css3-layout]] Redundancy with table model in CSS 2?

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> Hi,
> This is a QA Review comment for "CSS3 Advanced Layout Module"
> 2005-12-15
> 1st WD
> About
> When we first saw this document, we really thought that it was cool,
> then reading it, we realize that many things could be done with the
> CSS 2 property "display: table". In the section "3.1. Declaring
> templates: the 'display-model'  property", you are writing:
>  "An element with this 'display-model' is similar to a table
> element."
> and then you explain the difference with the table model. It will be
> good to explain a bit more in details, with an example stressing out
> what display: table can't do. In which ways, "display-model"" will
> make the life of people easier than using "display: table. Drawings
> will definitely improve the understanding.

I'll add an example that can be styled with either tables or templates 
and explain what you can do extra with either model. (You can achieve 
pretty much the same look, although in different ways, except for two 
fundamental limitations: the number of rows and columns depends on the 
mark-up if you use tables, but is fixed if you use a template; and the 
order of the elements can be changed if you use templates, but is fixed 
by the mark-up if you use tables.)

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