Re: [CSS21] Please endorse xml:id

On Saturday, June 25, 2005, 12:33:58 AM, Laurens wrote:

LH> Norman Walsh wrote:

>>In the course of taking the xml:id specification through CR, I
>>solicited the Amaya development team to help me demonstrate that
>>xml:id could be used successfully with CSS.
>>However, such support requires careful thought on the part of the
>>implementor and may not occur to every developer working on CSS
>>I think it would be of benefit to the community if the CSS 2.1 draft
>>suggested that implementations of CSS 2.1 applied to XML documents
>><rfc2119>should</rfc2119> support the xml:id specification.
LH> There has been a thread about that recently, see "CSS selectors and 
LH> xml:id" at:
LH> and

LH> If I recall correctly, the outcome was no, because such a thing would
LH> prevent CSS 2.1 from exiting CR?

In what way would it prevent exiting CR?

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