Re: Initial Value

Felix Miata wrote (continuing an exchange from CSS-D):

>"<em><b>All</b></em> font-related properties
><em>are first reset to their
><b>initial values</b></em>, ...
><em>Then</em> those properties that are given explicit values in the
>'font' shorthand are set to those values." (emphasis supplied)
>I think that the language here is both entirely clear and dictates a
>much better result (reset to initial value medium, then apply 70% to

Why do you apply the result _to_medium_?  The property is reset, but 
then it is later given an explicit value (it is reset again, if it is 
more clear to think of it that way).  That second reset value (here, 
70%) carries its normal spec-defined behavior with it.  In the case 
of a percentage font-size, as others have explained, the spec 
_demands_ that it applies to the font-size of the parent.  It does 
not apply to the first reset value.  That value is ignored because 
the value has been reset a second time by the explicit, declared 

>because we pretend the initial
>value is to be wholly disregarded when immediately within one construct
>followed by an explicit value

Actually, we aren't pretending.  It *is* wholly disregarded.  As 
Boris explained, it is discarded in exactly the same way as the first 
value of equal specificity is discarded:  The first reset value is 
simply never applied.

>the way cascade is supposed to work is inconsistent with the above 15.7
>language, then the 15.7 language needs changing.

I agree with you that this section can be confusing, but I disagree 
with you that it is at all ambiguous.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I 
believe all the browsers get this right, not just Gecko.  So a lot of 
people apparently agree on how to read this section.


-Adam Kuehn

Received on Wednesday, 1 June 2005 14:36:26 UTC