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Mikko Rantalainen wrote Wed, 01 Jun 2005 17:12:58 +0300:
> If you do understand the algorithm and propose a change to it,
> please, say so. Currently it seems like you've misunderstood how
> this is supposed to work.

I've already said that previous explanations about how it is supposed to
work are clear. Again I'm saying that the plain language of 15.8 does
not clearly match these explanations of how it is supposed to work.

Look at the broader context of my previously stated interpretation. We
see later in 15.8 that if font: is followed by any of
[caption|icon|menu|message-box|small-caption|status-bar] that cascade is
wholly disregarded. This context supplies more support to my
interpretation that reset truly should mean reset, to the computed value
of medium, before the value 70% can be applied.

Furthermore, I submit that, regardless of what everyone else here
interprets the language of 15.8 to mean currently, reset in font:
*should* mean reset to computed value in every case, not just in the
system font cases, and that inherit(ance) only apply when it is an
explicit value for font:.
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