Re: Initial Value

Felix Miata wrote:

>I'm trying to better understand. But once again I refer you to the
>actual language at
>"<em><b>All</b></em> font-related properties
><em>are first reset to their
><b>initial values</b></em>, ... 
><em>Then</em> those properties that are given explicit values in the
>'font' shorthand are set to those values." (emphasis supplied)
May be this should be rephrased. Really the words 'first' and 'then' 
make readers think that values calculated 'then' do depend on values to 
which they was reset 'first'. Which is not the case with 'font-size'.

To Felix: yes, font-size:70% means 70% of _parent's_ regardless of any 
previous computed value of this font-size, be it 'medium' or not.

Received on Wednesday, 1 June 2005 14:22:51 UTC