CSS21 fyi, today's i18n WG meeting

Bert, et al.

Just fyi, The I18n WG had its weekly telecon today and had the opportunity to
begin reviewing the comments I submitted on CSS21.
(Summary to i18nwg: http://www.w3.org/mid/3F9378F2.F5679667@i18nguy.com )

There was general support for them, although the review of my comments will
continue thru next week.

The following was minuted in particular:

"We think that IRIs are really important, section on URI should be updated to
reference IRIs- 

CSS should reference RFC 3066 for language codes"

You can expect some additional followup in at least 3 areas:

1) The issue for BOM is also important, and Richard Ishida has an action to
send you more details on our thoughts with respect to BOM and encoding
declarations and defaults.

2) We do not have agreement on the text-transform clipboard issue.
I was recommending that copying to the clipboard should copy text as rendered.
i.e. if it was uppercased on the display, it would be on the clipboard that
way. Others thought the text should be copied as it is cased in the source.
There were use cases for each position. When I have more time and if there is
interest, I'll write them up.

We did all agree that it would be good if CSS prescribed what should happen,
for consistency.

3) There was also discussion of the wording of the conformance requirement for


"If a document contains right-to-left characters, and if the user agent
displays these characters in right-to-left order, the user agent must apply the
bidirectional algorithm."

As the discussions finish, we'll update you.

I hope that helps,



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