Re: CSS21 fyi, today's i18n WG meeting

Tex Texin <>:
> "We think that IRIs are really important, section on URI should be updated
> reference IRIs-

I don't think it should be referenced just yet, because AFAIK it's not an RFC
yet or is ther eanything more recent than
<>? Btw. I don't
think they're already known by the majority of www-style readers, so why
didn't you give more information on IRIs?

> CSS should reference RFC 3066 for language codes"

Yes, although :lang(C) should IMHO work with any language identification
method known to the implementation, else it would be merely a shorthand for
'[lang|="C"], [xml|lang="C"]' (or is it 'xml:lang'?).

  :lang(en-US) {color: green}

  <foo language="english, USA">Text.</foo>

"Text." is green in user agents, that have further knowledge of the ML to map
values of 'language' to RFC 3066 conforming values, which are then used by the
CSS parser.

That's unlikely to happen, but shouldn't be forbidden.

> 2) We do not have agreement on the text-transform clipboard issue.
> I was recommending that copying to the clipboard should copy text as

I think that's platform dependent, some may even not have a clipboard nor even
a copy method.
If there is however a copy to clipboard feature, the UA would mark the copied

  foo {text-transform: capitalize; color: green;}
  bar {text-decoration: underlined;}

  <foo>Text to <bar>copy</bar>.</foo>

In my perfect world, it becomes, when pasted into a plain text editor:

  Text to copy.

in an e-mail composition window without HTML support:

  Text to copy.


  Text To _Copy_.

... with text/enriched support and requested:

  <color><param>green</param>Text to <underline>copy</underline>.</color>

... with HTML 3.2:

  <font color="green"><u>Text to copy</u></font>

... with HTML4 Strict:

  <span style="text-transform: capitalize; color: green">Text to
  <span style="text-decoration: underlined">copy</span>.</span>

in an XML editor:

  <foo>Text to <bar>copy</bar>.</foo>

and a XML editor with CSS knowledge additionally updates the applicable
stylesheet(s) of the document with

  foo {text-transform: capitalize; color: green;}
  bar {text-decoration: underlined;}

They all don't change the capitalisation of the characters themselves, except
for the e-mail application that encodes styles with paired ASCII characters
(_*/=) or directly into them (case).

> if it was uppercased on the display, it would be on the clipboard that way.

The clipboard holds some meta format that is interpreted by the pasting
application as good as it can.

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