Re: several CSS suggestions

David wrote:
>     a. I dont know if it apply to browsers or to spec, but 
> double-italic  (such as, a book's title in a quote)

"Italic" is a physical notion denoting a particular typeface.  You're 
talking about double-emphasis, where the first level is represented by 
italics and the second level by non-italics...

>     b. a possibility to use any character as a bullet, for unordered 
> list  (it is already possible for pictures)

This is possible via generated content.

>     c. relative colors

This could be worthwhile....

>     e. 2-bit color: support for color:#0, #1, #2, ... #e #f. Even less  
> code (yes may be a gadget but it cost nothing and is clean.

It costs complexity in the specification and implemenations.  What are 
the use cases for this?


Received on Sunday, 12 October 2003 12:51:11 UTC