Re: several CSS suggestions

On dimanche 12 octobre 2003, at 18:48PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:

> "Italic" is a physical notion denoting a particular typeface.  You're 
> talking about double-emphasis, where the first level is represented by 
> italics and the second level by non-italics...

Actually, I decided to talk about italic (oblique, which is a 
particular modification on the original typeface would apply too) 
because it is clearly a visual *effet* - that font appears curved 
and/or modified. Furthermore, emphasis relates to <em> only, while the 
behaviour I was speaking about also cover quotes <q> and (with Safari) 
acronyms <acronym>

>>     b. a possibility to use any character as a bullet, for unordered 
>> list  (it is already possible for pictures)
> This is possible via generated content.

Right! I did not thought about it :-)

>>     e. 2-bit color: support for color:#0, #1, #2, ... #e #f. Even 
>> less  code (yes may be a gadget but it cost nothing and is clean.
> It costs complexity in the specification and implemenations.  What are 
> the use cases for this?

Shorthands. I think its benefits are small but the added complexity is 
small, too.
Of course, if it is too complex, let's just forget.

main use was for the white and the black color (other shades are less 


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