Re: table caption margin wrote:
> Hi,
> how would the following html align="center" attribute
> translate into css?
> One of them is probably wrong, but why?

I believe the second one (where the caption is not directly
affected) is correct. First of all, it's set on the table and
not the caption. Also, note the behavior of 'align' when set to 
left or right: it typically floats the entire table to either
side, but the caption is not affected.

The HTML spec says only that 'align' positions the table left, 
right, or center; the caption is not mentioned.

I tested Netscape 4, MSIE 5, Opera 3.6, and Amaya 3.2.1.
The 'align' attribute does not affect the caption in any of them.

Received on Monday, 11 June 2001 17:02:17 UTC