Re: colgroups

At 2001-06-01T12:10+0300, Manos Batsis wrote:-

> Can the colgroup element be styled as "display:block;"
> Doesn't seem to work for me...

It certainly can, but whether it will do what you want is another matter.
HTML UAs are allowed to ignore the display property[1], and are not
required to apply the full CSS table model[2]; but assuming you don't
change the value of the display property on any other HTML table elements,
what I _think_ will happen in a UA that chooses to apply the CSS rules is

1. The colgroup elements will generate anonymous table cell elements
around themselves.

2. These will in turn generate a single anonymous table row.

That is, you end up with an extra table row, which probably won't be
enormously interesting, since colgroup can contain only col, which is

Tim Bagot


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