Block-level formatting and width in Netscape 6

I have been wondering about the following related matters:
CSS level1 says of Horizontal formatting:

The horizontal position and size of a non-floating, block-level element
is determined by seven properties: 'margin-left', 'border-left',
'padding-left', 'width', 'padding-right', 'border-right' and
'margin-right'. The sum of these seven is always equal to the 'width' of
the parent element

Does this mean that it is proper for a block element to always scroll or
crop an amount equal to the padding inside the width of the parent
element? This seems improper to me.

I suppose as well that if the padding on the body tag is zero then a
block element of width 100% should _not_ scoll regardless of margin or
border size. Since Netscape 6 and Mozilla both scroll the distance of
the combined border and margin of a div of width 100% this must be a
formatting bug.

Received on Tuesday, 17 April 2001 17:54:41 UTC