Yet another error in float

@ section 
 Relationships between 'display', 'position', and
The three properties that affect box generation and
layout -- 'display', 'position', and 'float' --
interact as follows:
If 'display' has the value 'none', user agents must
ignore 'position' and 'float'. In this case, the
element generates no box.
Otherwise, 'position' has the value 'absolute' or
'fixed', 'display' is set to 'block' and 'float' is
set to 'none'. The position of the box will be
determined by the 'top', 'right', 'bottom' and 'left'
properties and the box's containing block.
Otherwise, if 'float' has a value other than 'none',
'display' is set to 'block' and the box is floated.
Surely not.

Should be:
Otherwise, if 'float' has a value other than 'none'
and display is 'inline', 'display' is set to 'block'
and the box is floated.

Also should say:

Table elements, except for elements with display:
table or display: inline-table should not be floated.

Also (in calculation of widths of floating elements)
it should say that if width is omitted from floats,
should state that refuse to float.

I say this because my experience is that far too many
people omit width from float, and as a result it would
be better for the concrete behaviour of float not
working to occur than for the vague statement in the
spec that width: 0 should result, and which UAs, due
to its extreme vagueness, and generally unsatisfactory
nature, do not follow.

From Matthew Brealey ( (for law)or (for CSS))
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