Re: Yet another error in float

--- Ethan Fremen <> wrote:
> Matthew Brealey wrote:
> > But "if 'float' has a value other than 'none',
> > 'display' is set to 'block' and the box is
> >      floated", and so list-item, table, etc become
> > block elements, which can't be right.
> > 
> Er, that is right, because if it's floating, then
> everything else has to wrap around it, so it needs
> to be a block.

No it isn't:
1. A list item (display: list-item)
If 'display' is set to 'block', it becomes
A list item (no marker glyph)

It may be a block, but it is not 'block' (it is stated
in the spec that things in quotes refer to property
values), so 'block' means display: block, which is
mutually exclusive with display: list-item.

If it said that the element becomes a block-type
element or something similar, this interpretation
would be admissible, but at present it is not.

From Matthew Brealey ( (for law)or (for CSS))
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Received on Monday, 29 November 1999 08:45:32 UTC