Anchor colours

The CSS spec should have a statement in the anchor
pseudo-class section to the effect that authors should
make sure that their anchors are distinguishable from
the body text; especially important for people who
can't (or don't want to) use a mouse (because no
cursor feedback).

Next, it would be good if they followed their own
(hopefully soon to be) advice:
A.noxref:link, A.noxref:visited {color: black;
/*color: inherit*/}

results for me in links that are entirely
indistinguishable from body text, since I have A {t-d:
none !important}.


/* I don't like all that blue text, how about this: */
/* It should be 'inherit', but Netscape inserts a
random color :-( */
It's not random (it's #00e000) - Netscape applies
correct hex digits, replaces the rest with 0s,
trimming the first letter to make it 6 digits.


The CSS style sheet does not follow the CSS spec's own
advice, specifying color but not b-color on links,
resulting in certain conflicts (i.e., conflicts that
are certain to happen) with user style sheets.

From Matthew Brealey ( (for law)or (for CSS))
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Received on Friday, 26 November 1999 09:22:45 UTC