The universal selector, inherit and important

Due to the extreme stupidity of the weight sort (the
worst [i.e., worst idea rather than most badly written
(float gets this accolade)] thing in CSS), 

* {color: inherit !important}

would always result in the initial value; something I
think is worth pointing out, esp. in view of the fact
that this is a likely user style sheet.

BODY {color: black;
background: white;
* {color: inherit !important;
background: inherit !important;

If !important had been properly defined, none of these
problems [to take another example: .class {width:
50%;} DIV {margin: something else !important}, which
would totally screw up the whole page].

As I see it the definition of ! important is totally
stupid - its ONLY role should be to override the
weight sort.

I challenge anyone to name a useful way to use
!important, and then I'll show them a hundred ways
that users could get confused, with !important in
their user style sheets not working properly.

From Matthew Brealey ( (for law)or (for CSS))
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Received on Friday, 26 November 1999 09:05:28 UTC