Re: CSS3 suggestion: @level

On Mon, 31 May 1999, Braden N. McDaniel wrote:

| Because of the interdependence inherent in many CSS properties, it is often
| impossible to write a CSS level n style sheet that achieves the desired
| effects and can be reliably used by a CSS level n-1 (let alone n-2, etc.)
| UA. I think a "level" at-rule would alleviate this:
|     @level 3 /* the argument is an integer >= 3 */
|     {
|         /* at-rules and rulesets applicable to the
|         designated level go here */
|     }
| Conforming CSS1 and CSS2 UAs should ignore this altogether, since they don't
| recognize @level. CSS3 and subsequent UAs can choose whether or not to
| ignore the block based on the value of the integer argument.

I see a problem : a UA is never entirely conformant to a specific level of
CSS, so even a UA that recognizes CSS 3.0 may format a page in a way that
you don`t expect.

A proposition for CSS 3.0 is to give a mechanism that allows to know if a
property has been applied or not. If not, another value or property could
be applied.

I don`t know if this feature would be sufficient to you...


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