Font Smoothing and CSS

Use a CSS property to put font smoothing into a Web page.


H1 	{font-smoothing: on,4}

This would make all H1 tags in the page have font smoothing on it, and 4 is 
the number of "grays" to use.

This would eliminate the need for creating images when you want anti-alised 
text. Also, say you have a background image on your page. You want to put some 
anti-alised text on it. You would probably use a transparent GIF, so the 
background shows through. Since GIFs only support 216 colors, then your image 
will be distorted. And you can't use a JPEG, because it is not transparent.

This idea might not work on all machines, since some users are using Microsoft 
Plus! for example, with the font smoothing in it turned on. But, what if, in 
Explorer and Netscape, when the smoothing property was recognized in a page, 
the browser would check the user's machine, to see if they have font smoothing 
already turned on, and, if they did, to ignore whatever was in the Web page, 
but, if it was not turned on, then to use it? You wouldn't have to restart 
Windows to put font smoothing on, I can put font smoothing on right now 
without having to restart. The 256 colors could be a problem though-If the 
browser detected less than 256 colors, then the font smoothing could be turned 

Received on Monday, 8 September 1997 15:54:23 UTC