ANNOUNCE: Style Sheets Reference Guide

Hi, everyone.

   I'm pleased to announce that the on-line magazine "Web Review" has
launched a new reference guide concerning Style Sheets.  Currently focused
on CSS1, this area will gradually expand to cover other kinds of style
sheets, as well as style tools and related issues.
   At the moment, the primary attraction is the comparison charts, which
show the support of CSS1 in the major Web browsers on both Windows95 and
the Macintosh.  The site also has lists of safe and unsafe properties, and
will (I've been told) become home of a new monthly column, "A Sense of
   Note that some areas are still undergoing development-- in particular,
the safe/unsafe tables and the associated glossary are due for revision.  I
hope this will be done in the very near future, but I'm sort of dependent
on my editors.
   Anyway, the fun starts at
Please stop by, take a look around, and let me know what you think of the
information and how it might be improved.  Thanks!

Eric A. Meyer  -  -
 Hypermedia Systems Manager
 Digital Media Services      
 Case Western Reserve University

Received on Monday, 8 September 1997 10:45:51 UTC