RE: Font Smoothing and CSS

Just a quick note on this from a TrueType / OpenType perspective. For
these font formats the type designer decides at which sizes a font is
smoothed, and/or hints are applied. 

Windows 95 and Windows NT have default settings that are applied to
older fonts that don't include designer-specified settings. For regular
weight fonts the default values are as follows; From 0 to 6pt type is
smoothed (if smoothing is switched on), from 7 to 13pt type is hinted
but not smoothed (typically the type features are only one pixel wide
and smoothing would adversely effect legibility) and from 14pt on up
type is smoothed and hinted.

There is no reason why a page designer or reader shouldn't be allowed to
decide if smoothing should be applied, thereby overriding the decisions
made by the type designer. For example a user might decide that <P> text
should never be smoothed - to aid legibility. Or a designer might decide
that all text on a page should be smoothed to give a uniform look to a
page. Also for low quality, poorly hinted or unhinted fonts, smoothing
at small sizes could be used to achieve more aesthetically pleasing, but
equally illegible text.



Received on Monday, 8 September 1997 17:26:36 UTC