ANNOUNCE: Style Sheets Reference Guide

Eric A. Meyer writes:

 >    I'm pleased to announce that the on-line magazine "Web Review" has
 > launched a new reference guide concerning Style Sheets.  Currently focused
 > on CSS1, this area will gradually expand to cover other kinds of style
 > sheets, as well as style tools and related issues.
 >    At the moment, the primary attraction is the comparison charts, which
 > show the support of CSS1 in the major Web browsers on both Windows95 and
 > the Macintosh.  The site also has lists of safe and unsafe properties, and
 > will (I've been told) become home of a new monthly column, "A Sense of
 > Style."

This is good news! Your charts look wonderful (except for all the
blanks, of course :) and will become an important resource for

My only comment at this point would be that there is no such thing as
a "CSS tag".

Great work!


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Received on Monday, 8 September 1997 16:37:02 UTC