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Timecount production in erratum E05 Romain Deltour (Wednesday, 29 March)

SMIL21: 'focus' event examples Bjoern Hoehrmann (Saturday, 11 March)

Sun-Java and SMIL Animation Daniel Weck (Friday, 10 March)

non-western charset external .txt files Yanay, Yoram \(CS\) (Monday, 27 February)

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Streaming with SMIL? Laure moro (Tuesday, 14 February)

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Smil allowed formats Laure moro (Monday, 6 February)

[SMIL21 REC] editorial error Philipp Hoschka (Thursday, 2 February)

media type (as in presentation mode) :murb: [maarten brouwers] (Monday, 30 January)

Re: keyTimes query Bjoern Hoehrmann (Tuesday, 10 January)

SMIL21: Id-value incorrect Bjoern Hoehrmann (Saturday, 7 January)

SMIL21: Event-value grammar incorrect Bjoern Hoehrmann (Saturday, 7 January)

SMIL21: different non-terminals in grammars Bjoern Hoehrmann (Saturday, 7 January)

SMIL21: s/SMIL 21/SMIL 2.1/ Bjoern Hoehrmann (Saturday, 7 January)

SMIL21: comments in EBNF Bjoern Hoehrmann (Saturday, 7 January)

Correction in xml-schema for SMIL 2.0 Domenico Pontari (Saturday, 7 January)

Missing test cases Cameron McCormack (Friday, 6 January)

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