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Thanks for the data.

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> In the end, though, I think all of this will be unnecessary.
> Same-origin restrictions serve only to prevent cross-origin requests -
> hotlinking, in other words.  As long as most of the ecosystem obeys
> this, then hotlinking is essentially useless.  Fast forward to a year
> or so from now, when the non-IE browsers will have implemented EOTL
> support and released, and enough people have upgraded to make it worth
> it to deploy EOTL files.  You put up a font.  Someone hotlinks it to
> use on their own site.  What happens?  The font is completely ignored
> on 30%-40% of browsers! (Assuming that userbase distribution is the
> same as now.)  This is *not* acceptable on a large site, and the set
> of people who won't see is unacceptable to most small techie sites
> (who tend to respect non-IE users more).

That makes sense. Unfortunately, however reasonable it is to permit
hotlinking by IE<=8 users, if font licenses require authors to prevent it
(as Ascender does) then authors must prevent it and the problem remains.

It is not good enough to argue "oh, violating the license this way won't
harm Ascender, so let's do it". I don't think that's fair to Ascender, it
won't pass muster legally, and I don't think any company's legal counsel
would permit their Web devs to do it.

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