Re: Rumours of the death of "new, professionally designed typefaces" are perhaps exaggerated?

Ben Weiner wrote:

>> From my perspective, I see a number of companies that have no 
>> investment in font IP implementing naked font linking, and a company 
>> that has invested millions of dollars in font IP rejecting that approach.

> Is that *all* you see? No other players on the scene?

No, that's not all I see. But in terms of dismissing the charge of 
'martinet', it seemed sufficient. The point is that there are perfectly 
valid reasons why numerous players are opposed to naked font linking, 
and the fact that naked font linking is convenient for people who do not 
have to worry about font IP, either because they don't have any or only 
deal with free fonts, does not make it a viable interoperable format.


Received on Monday, 3 August 2009 22:14:00 UTC