Re: A way forward

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 11:38 AM, John Hudson<> wrote:
> If Microsoft and Mozilla decide to go the fight route, I'm not sure whether
> I'd want to put money on the outcome. More to the point, I doubt if they
> would want to put money on the outcome. I expect that Microsoft will win,
> for the reasons that various people on this list have enumerated, and that
> Mozilla would end up having to swallow an EOT-derivative.

I don't know why you think anyone would win.  There are large areas of
web standards where IE implements something totally different from
everyone else and no one looks to be changing soon.  Look at SVG and
MathML and <video> and so on, vs. VML and ActiveX and Silverlight and
so on.  (Okay, Silverlight doesn't quite fit there, but it's a similar
thing.)  As long as each side has enough market share that almost
nobody can afford not to support it, there's no reason a de facto
standard has to emerge.

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