Re: Webfont compression

Sylvain Galineau wrote:

> I don't understand your point though. I don't see why universal application - by whatever metric - for other content types should be a precondition for fonts. 

It isn't a precondition. I'm just trying to get an understanding of how 
widespead gzip compression of content is, what kind of sites use it, 
etc. I'm wondering what kind of gap exists between the universal 
availability of this mechanism -- which I agree 'can certainly be used' 
and probably should be used -- and actual use.

At TypeCon, Bill Davis suggested to me that server side compression was 
something used by larger website, but less so by smaller ones. I'm 
wondering to what degree this is true and what the factors are that 
determine this. Laurence notes that our customers may not have control 
over server settings, and this is certainly the case with both of my 
humble websites.

> This being said, a compressed file format is optimal. Compress the data once, never configure a server.

This is the point I was feeling my way towards.


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