Re: Webfont compression

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 2:32 AM, John Hudson<> wrote:
> Laurence notes that our customers may not have control over server settings,
> and this is certainly the case with both of my humble websites.

If you have FTP access to an Apache-based web host, you should be able
to just put an .htaccess file in the right place and it will work.  (I
have no idea about IIS, admittedly.)  If you use a CMS or something
but don't actually administer the website, you probably have a contact
with FTP access or better that you can ask to do this for you.  I'd be
fairly surprised to hear of a host where you really didn't have the
ability to get this done.

But it is an extra impediment, to be sure.

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