Re: .webfont Proposal

Thomas Phinney wrote:

> Without going into a bunch of detail (not sure if this is still under
> NDA), the MS approach involves a single metadata file for all fonts,
> with just a few very specific bits of data in it.

> It really is a totally different animal, solving a different problem....

Yes. A closer parallel, at least in terms of wrapping fonts in XML 
metadata, is the composite font spec currently in development as part of 
the mpeg OFF standard. But in that case, multiple fonts are wrapped 
together to behave as a single, virtual font.

Fonts are going to be wrapped in a number of ways in future, and XML 
seems to be the typical wrapper, which is one of the reasons why I think 
Tal and Erik's idea is worth pursuing: it fits into an emerging model of 
font metadata wrappers.

Now, at some point this implies that we may be talking about how to 
either wrap multiple wrapped web fonts as a composite font, or how to 
wrap a composite web font....

John Hudson

Received on Monday, 13 July 2009 16:11:52 UTC