Questions re web-fonts

Some questions for Karsten and others advocating "EOT only" support:

If web-fonts (EOT, EOT-lite, or whatever) are intended not to work "on 
the desktop", will they work in desktop based web-design applications 
without invoking the browser?

With regard to fonts, do applications like Office Live, Google Docs and 
other so called "cloud computing" apps count as web applications or as 
desktop applications? Can I  use  embedded / linked fonts in documents 
created with such apps? Do I use web fonts or normal TTF/OTF fonts for 
this? If "web fonts", what happens when I want to edit these same 
documents in a local application? What fonts do I use when I'm using a 
word processor to design web pages with embedded fonts?

Users want fonts that work seamlessly - Sometimes it seems we are 
talking here like "the web" and "the desktop" are two discrete realms 
and we can have one font format for each realm with little inconvenience 
to users.

- CF

Received on Tuesday, 7 July 2009 16:26:26 UTC