Re: Questions re web-fonts

Christopher Fynn worte:
> I make fonts or complex scripts - because the OpenType support for complex scripts is *very* different from platform to platform and application to application - it is difficult enough making a single OTF font for a complex script that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux; in Adobe CS3, MS Office and OpenOffice; and in different browsers. I don't want to have to support some web-font format as well.

Tal's proposal, even the EOT specification, should have made clear what "web font format" practically means: You generate a TTF/OTF as usual, fire it through another tool and as a result have an additional .webfont/.eot font. It couldn't be easier -- nothing compared to driving MS VOLT.  :)

> My users want a single font file that works everywhere.

The guy who sets up the NGO's site will receive the .webfont/.eot version, others get the .ttf version.

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Received on Thursday, 9 July 2009 13:46:08 UTC