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(no subject) Henry Wu (Saturday, 30 August)

Validator Beta Screenshot Bjoern Hoehrmann (Friday, 29 August)

aa-sender vs. html-tidy Bjoern Hoehrmann (Friday, 29 August)

Cwm namespace/URI bug? Ryan Lee (Thursday, 28 August)

cwm not being maintained Sandro Hawke (Thursday, 28 August)

Re: Bookmarklet to show anchors and ids in a DOM Level 1 compliant browser Dominique Hazaƫl-Massieux (Thursday, 28 August)

test results owl-tr.n3 Jos De_Roo (Wednesday, 27 August)

Small patch for xml2rdf.py James Michael DuPont (Wednesday, 27 August)

Announcement: At A Glance RSS 1.0 Aggregator Ryan Lee (Wednesday, 27 August)

Re: rdf view of bugzilla: where'd it go? where can i get one? Dan Brickley (Tuesday, 26 August)

swap/sax2rdf.py: datatype too sticky Dan Connolly (Monday, 25 August)

Re: Indexing *.ac.uk Dan Brickley (Tuesday, 19 August)

Unicode Doodlin' Sean B. Palmer (Wednesday, 20 August)

Re: Inherent Namespace Ambiguities - A Serious Fundamental Problem? Sandro Hawke (Monday, 18 August)

Re: testing that RDF datatypes can have more than one URI name Sandro Hawke (Monday, 18 August)

RDDL Proof-of-Concept for Atom Sean B. Palmer (Friday, 15 August)

Missing Certificate Authority list Ted Guild (Thursday, 14 August)

(kinda urgent) cheap solution to XML Literals problem... Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 13 August)

Re: Liaison Statement to W3C WAI (SC 29 N 5509) Tim Berners-Lee (Monday, 11 August)

RE: TEST: CR version Jos De_Roo (Saturday, 9 August)

paul grice conversational maxims Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 6 August)

Re: RDF Core / I18N Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 6 August)

XForms test suite comments Bjoern Hoehrmann (Saturday, 2 August)

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