Cwm namespace/URI bug?

(using the latest version of 2000/10/swap, with 1.135, 2003/08/25)

Consider a file a.n3:

 % cwm --n3 a.n3

 result: [[
 @prefix : <> .

 :s :p :o .

This is good.  But if I call cwm with the following (assuming
a.n3 is the same as above):

 % cwm --n3 > o.n3

 result: [[
 @prefix : </ns#> .

 :s :p :o .

If I were to then use that output for something else, the namespace would
render it incorrect for most situations.  Perhaps cwm should not be so
eager to look for relative URIs when it comes to namespaces.  Or something
like that.

This is particularly troublesome when doing work with files coming off that use at least one namespace that starts with
''.  It can be worked around by using cwm with
no-prefix, absolute URI flags, --n3=pr.  It does NOT work if the --n3=r
(suppress relative URIs) option is used on its own nor if --n3=p is used
on its own.  I would rather see 'http://' namespaces go untouched no
matter what flags are used.

Information on what I might be doing wrong would also be greatly

Ryan Lee          +1.617.253.5542 (MIT office)

Received on Thursday, 28 August 2003 16:14:50 UTC