Regarding the accessible name calculation for aria-label within links?

I've got a quick question if you have a moment.

I need to enter some bugs against both JAWS and NVDA regarding the way 
aria-label is processed within links with link text, and I would like to 
make sure I understand the spec properly.

According to
"If aria-labelledby is empty or undefined, the aria-label attribute, which 
defines an explicit text string, is used."

So, if I understand correctly, the following link

<a href="#" aria-label="December 31, 2013">31</a>

Should be named "December 31, 2013" in Applications/Browse Mode as well as 
within the Virtual Buffer.

Does this sound right?

Currently, JAWS announces this as "December 31, 201331" in the Virtual 
Buffer when arrowing in IE,
and NVDA announces only "31" when arrowing and tabbing in both IE and FF.


Received on Wednesday, 5 February 2014 05:39:27 UTC