RE: ARIA Test Matrix & ARIA BPG (was: Re: DHTML Test Cases)

I think he meant codetalks

as in

- Aaron

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RE: ARIA Test Matrix & ARIA BPG (was: Re: DHTML Test Cases)

Hi Gregory,

Ähem .. We need IE 8 Beta2 tests, too ... and the interesting Illinois 
are also not covered in the original table. Same for MS and Apple 

Can you post the link to the codethinks wiki?

- Stefan

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aloha, david!

i will port the pages to the codethinks wiki today...

a bit of background -- the test results that are documented in the
current page were intended to be included in the ARIA Best Practices
document, in a section documenting the results of the extant text
matrix at the time the tests were conducted -- you can still find the
results in:

but as of september 2008, they are out-of-date, and would start over
again, documenting the currently available tests with currently
available configurations...

i do not know if the ARIA editors intend the "Testing" section to
remain in the Best Practices document or not, hence my cross-post to


On Sep 9, 1:34 pm, davidb <> wrote:
> Gregory, sure why not?  Can you go ahead and port them?   I'm not sure
> what to do about the pre release FF tests...
> cheers,
> David
> On Sep 9, 1:08 pm, oedipus <> wrote:
> > aloha!
> > quite some time ago, i set up an ARIA test tests page to document test
> > results of ARIA examples -- because of limitations with the W3C's ESW
> > wiki, i did not create it in PF's ARIA wiki space:
> >
> > (which is still a "live" resource)
> > but at another wiki:
> >
> > where i also created a "Test Template"
> > and a documnet upon which to collect information about individual
> > testers (operating system and version, hardware in use, assistive
> > technology in use, expertise, etc.)
> >
> > i am willing to port these pages manually to the codetalks wiki, or
> > merely offer them as fodder (and filler) for the codetalks wiki
> > gregory.

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